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Betslayer scans UK bookies to find the competitive odds. Our Arbitrage betting Software finds the best odds so you can bet on every outcome and make a profit no matter what happens.

  • 5-15% ROI Arbs daily
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Betslayer does not organize or conduct gambling. The information provided is for information purposes only.

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Arbitrage Betting isn't Gambling
Arbitrage betting when done properly has nothing to do with traditional gambling despite what the word betting makes it sound like. Betslayer teaches you how to master arbitrage betting to earn a side income online.

Hundreds in our Arbitrage Betting community
We break Arbitrage Betting into an easy system to follow. We have video guides, PDF tutorials & live support. We also have an Arbitrage Betting Facebook group where you can get advice from our knowledgable community.

Accurate Arbitrage Betting or Your Money Back
We are so confident in our Arbitrage Betting software that we give new users a free trial without requiring card details. We also give you a 14 day money back guarantee on your first month so you can try us risk free.

Great Product! Been using the software now for three weeks and been averaging over £40 a day
Mike Boyle

​When I first came across Betslayer, I thought it was too good to be true but I am blown away. Betslayer has helped me make a profit of £800 in 14 days! So excited to see how far I can push it with the help of Betslayer. Very responsive and so helpful!
Noorul Islam

I signed up a month or so ago, confident I can make the subscription fee within a week then have 3 weeks all profit. Betslayer keeps things simple. Max is very helpful and responds quickly. Definitely give it a go.
Vicky Magnusson

Want to learn Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage Betting is a great way to beat the bookies & earn a side income in the process. This cheat sheet will teach you exactly how to get started making money with arbitrage betting. Download the FREE Arbitrage Betting Cheat Sheet by clicking the button below. 

Our Arbitrage Betting service has over 28 bookies and 5 sports. 
All you have to do is go to the bookmaker, place the advised stake and make an easy profit.

Here are some frequently asked questions about arbitrage betting. 

How many arbitrage bets do you find on an average day?
It fluctuates depending on the day & upcoming events but normally around 100 every day & at least 20 mainstream arbs.

Which events should I avoid betting on?
In general, when betting on markets with low liquidity (ie. less volume of bets being placed) you should place very little ie less than £50 on each outcome. Examples are ITF tennis, Russian premier league or League 2. In general the higher quality of the event the better. Betslayer highlights lots of mainstream events every day.

What is the best eWallet to use whilst arbitrage betting?
Using an e-wallet like skrill or PayPal is essential for effortless arbitrage. It allows you to withdraw funds from your bookmaker account from as little as 12 hours rather than waiting days (PayPal can be instant). This allows you to always keep your bankroll working and means you never miss out on arbitrage opportunity.

What if I have a low bankroll?
The best thing to do if you have a limited bankroll is identifying an arbitrage opportunity then deposit necessary funds via skrill to instantly take advantage of it, rather than waiting for the opportunity which contains the bookies you already have funds in.

How does arbitrage betting work? 
Use our arbitrage betting software to find surebets.
Then click through to the bookies to place your bets.

Swiss: Roger Federer

Odds of 1.77 / Bet £80
Wins £141.60

British: Andy Murray

Odds of 2.56 / Bet £60
Wins £153.60

Guaranteed Profit of at least £1.60
(If Murray wins: £153.60 - Total Stake £140 = £13.60)
(If Federer wins: £141.60 - Total Stake £140 = £1.60)

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Betslayer makes arbitrage betting easy. Instead of manually finding arbitrage bets & then calculating stakes for optimal profit, our software does it for you so you can place an arbitrage bet with ease and not waste hours of time doing it.